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Our Labour Day has come and gone

Round-up of various junk to head us into September

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Labour Day is a holiday in North America on the first Monday in September to celebrate the "working man," much as May Day is celebrated in Europe. This Monday is Labour Day, and while I should probably be marching in a parade to glorify unions or increase the visibility of the Communist Party of Canada, I instead find myself sitting outside on a patio enjoying a pint of Canadian made beer. At the very least, I'm drinking local, right?

Labour Day is also the unofficial end of summer here in Canada and the USA. All the high school and university students will be back at school on Tuesday (or pretty soon after), and all their parents, who might have taken extended vacations in August, will be back at the office, ready to blow out the remainder of their 2007 budgets before the 2008 fiscal year starts.

So, my pretty lazy August, with 2 weeks of vacay in Europe and two weeks of catching up on adminstrative duties, is pretty soon to come to an end. I'll be back on the road and back working hard before you know it. So I thought I would take a few moments to catch you all up on a few travel stories and other stories of interest I've run across the past few weeks.


My recent trip to Europe is over, and what started with me waxing poetic about bears and how I felt like a were-bear in London ended with me receiving a bear. In Amsterdam, myself and my friends ended up staying at the Renaissance Amsterdam, which is part of the Marriott Chain, and therefore willing to treat me like a VIP for all my business travel. As a gift, they gave me a nice little stuffed toy. And what exactly was that stuffed toy...


A bear, of course.

I see a bad moon rising.


Firstly, those who are regulary readers may realize that I suffered a small bit on my attempt to climb Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro back in 2005. Brought down by High Altitude Pulmonary Edeme (HAPE), new research is suggesting I could have had another ally against this scourge. Specifically, the little blue pill that is engorging bank CEOs and making bank CEO's wives around the world sweat - Viagra. The CDC, among others, is reporting that Viagra can"selectively lower pulmonary artery pressure, with less effect on systemic blood pressure. Preliminary studies suggest that this class of drug may prove useful in prevention and treatment of HAPE." However, a correspondent for Outside Magazine, Nick Heil reported that the effects of the Viagra on his, ummm, netherlands, created more discomfort than the altitude did. It's hard to climb to base came three when you already are carrying a tent with you, I suppose.


In case you are looking for something more interesting to read than me talking about bears and Viagra, you might want to check out the "travel carnival" at Travel Minx. They post weekly "carnivals" of the best of travel blogging, and my entry on getting away from it all in Tanzania was recently featured in one of their weekly submissions. It looks like it may be a few weeks before I get on the road again, so hopefully this will keep any travel story reading addicts calm and composed until I can provide something interesting to read soon.


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