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Two weeks of cold weather and snow in England... Stiff upper lip, everyone!

snow -1 °C

Newsflash! Winter is cold and snowy! Colder than the recommended temperature of a freezer. That’s what the lady said on TV during the news.


I am beginning to doubt everything I was told about England before I got here. Not only don’t folks wear suits to work (for the most part), but the winters are not milder and less snowy than Canada, as promised. After last years “most snow in almost 20 years” bru-haha, this winter is proving to be the coldest and snowiest in 30 years! Every year can’t surely be a record, can it?


Apparently it is. So cold in some parts of the north that the temperatures dropped down below the “recommended temperature of a freezer,” as the lady on the news exclaimed.

That’s minus 17 Celsius, for anyone interested in such things. Sure, that is cold, but it isn’t quite Portage and Main...

Of course, I have it easy, working from home as I do. No reason to go outside unless my supplies run low, and then a quick (though icy) trip down to the Tescos. Mostly I just stay inside and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

So while the news makes it out to be a dire catastrophe, I think its kind of pretty. Especially now that the Regent’s Canal has frozen over. The ice is thick enough to stand on (judging by some kids trying it earlier). Maybe it is time for a Regent’s Canal Frost Fair.


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A bit cold here in Brussels as well. But like you, I remind myself it's nothing compared to all those years I spent in Minnesota!

by Tanya

Hi Greg! Thanks for your comment on my blog - I really appreciate it! Sounds like the snow is getting to you in London as well. If it makes you feel any better, it's all rain-rain-rain over here in BC.

by Victoria Westcott

Oh man. 'Cold' in South Africa is anywhere close to 15 degrees Celsius. I quite strongly suspect I would die in your neighbourhood at those temperatures.

by Richard

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