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When I first started blogging about my travels, Travellerspoint didn't have blog functionality, so I was blogging at another site. As my friends already had that address, I continued to use that other site after TP launched their blogging functionality, using my TP blog just for travel advice and the odd entry of interest to TP members only.

However, the other blog site I was using has been acting weird as of late, including a recent 2 day outage. So I have decided going forward all my travel blog entries will be here on TP. And, because I don't want to lose the history, I have spent the past couple of days posting all my previous travel writing to this site.

If you are really bored, you can read them all. However, for those of you that have lives outside of the internet, I'll highlight a couple of the more interesting entries.

San Antonio and the 38 year old stripper grandmother is a sad (as in pathetic) story of me, too much booze, too many hormones and not enough common sense, but it always cracks people up at cocktail parties. The content is a little PG-13, so kids, make sure you get your parents' permission to read.

I have climbed highest mountains, I have run through the fields, but I still haven't found what I've been looking for. Like many travellers, I have a secret desire that my travels will provide me insight into the ultimate question, "what should I do with my life?" So far, the answer is still fuzzy as ever, but the closest I have come to an ultimate answer was on a long weekend ski trip, where I was hit with the epiphany that I need to go on a diet.

Speaking of climbing highest mountains, I attempted to climb up Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, and it didn't work out so well.

La Paz, Bolivia was the site of much drama due to altitude sickness and a mini-revolution. Thank god my mother is dead, because if she knew the danger I was in, she would have killed me.

And as those were all a little sad and serious, a happy story to end. When I was originally in Punta Arenas in 2003, I wrote that Punta Arenas was drab. But with the benefit of hindsight, I know realize that it is one of my favorite places in the world.

I hope you enjoy the new entries, and keep reading as I have more fun and more mishaps that I can document here in the future.


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