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Ascent: An Ending 29.12.2013
Living Life Bravely 28.12.2012
The Secret Trainspotter... Riding London's Old and New Rail 09.12.2012
Football of a different kind in London 04.11.2012
Ghost Train: West London Parliamentary Train 20.10.2012
Thanksgiving 2012 - The Gin Martini 07.10.2012
Travel Envy 06.10.2012
You have Breakfast at Tiffany's, I'll do lunch at Harrods 30.09.2012
The Scotsman Trying to Get Home (so he says...) 29.09.2012
Still Overseas. Still Outside. 23.09.2012
Paralympics 2012 05.09.2012
Stranger in a Familiar Land 02.09.2012
The Olympic Experience 12.08.2012
Engines Running Hot: Hungarian Grand Prix 2012 05.08.2012
The A to Z of London 21.07.2012
Pimm's and Strawberries at the All England Club 01.07.2012
Jubilee #2: Linen 04.06.2012
Jubilee #1: Diamond 03.06.2012
In Bloom 26.05.2012
Commute 27.04.2012
More Skiin' in Morzine 31.03.2012
Roll Up! Roll Up! The Rolling Bridge at Paddington Basin 16.03.2012
The City is Eternal, but the Snow is Just Temporary 13.02.2012
Rome and Ruin: Superbowl XLVI in Rome, Italy 08.02.2012
The Land of Goat's Milk and Honey 18.12.2011
Modern Day Frost Fair 26.11.2011
Achtung, Europa 12.11.2011
Photos from Florence 30.10.2011
I may not be from here, but I know where you are going. 28.10.2011
My Life at Gatwick 23.10.2011
Definition for the Morning Commute: Lumping 09.10.2011
The Best (and Worst) of The British Newspapers 18.09.2011
World Trade Center: 10 Years Later 10.09.2011
Playing Tour Guide, and Getting A Set of New Eyes 04.09.2011
A Single Scene from The Aftermath: London Riots 11.08.2011
Little America - Milton Keynes 30.07.2011
Formula One British Grand Prix 2011 23.07.2011
Out-manned 25.06.2011
New Year's Day 04.06.2011
Why did you move HERE?!? 23.04.2011
Photoblog: Pictures from Sydney 12.03.2011
Easy, Ripe, and Luscious 11.03.2011
Six Timezones and Half a Lifetime Away 23.02.2011
Superbowl XLV - German Cowboys and Cheeseheads 19.02.2011
Boogie with a suitcase... 12.02.2011
Hudson's Bay's links to London 25.01.2011
Belize Trip Report: New Romantic Adventures (Part II) 22.12.2010
Belize Trip Report: New Romantic Adventures (Part I) 22.12.2010
Halfway There, Or The Results of the Experiment 07.12.2010
Another Record Breaking Snow! 02.12.2010
Expensive Beer, but the Bar is Alight! 30.11.2010
Who Says Buffalos can't fly... 27.11.2010
Island Life 23.11.2010
Accepting Whatever Comes 20.11.2010
The Mayan Calendar Conundrum 16.11.2010
End of the Big Nerd Ranch, and Return of the Nerd 26.10.2010
Toronto: A Global City or My Home Town 09.10.2010
Just Outside The City Gates 02.10.2010
The Global City versus This Other Eden 27.09.2010
A White Spider Writing On The Sky 24.09.2010
Cambridge 08.09.2010
The World's Stage 29.08.2010
Dreams 17.08.2010
The Great British Beer Festival 07.08.2010
Hungary Owes me 14p! 22.07.2010
A Move to a Royal Borough and Holland Park 08.07.2010
Despair in the Spiritual Home of Football 28.06.2010
Alan Turing’s Birthplace in Maida Vale 22.06.2010
Feeling Incomplete After Completion 14.06.2010
The Swiss Business Trip 11.06.2010
Trying to Cross the Street 29.05.2010
On the Eve of Upheaval 07.05.2010
The Safety Net Of Everywhere Else 27.04.2010
St. George and The City 23.04.2010
Boat Race! 03.04.2010
Powering Life Just Got Easy to Carry 19.03.2010
A Model of the Real World 15.03.2010
Ploughed Under 09.03.2010
Hockey Night in London 01.03.2010
A Wider Field of Vision 28.02.2010
Super Bowl XLIV: Partying Just Above Sea Level in Amsterdam 12.02.2010
Road Warrior Confession: I Am Up In The Air 19.01.2010
Out of Practice 02.01.2010
Snow Drifts, not Sand Dunes 22.12.2009
Merry Eight Days to Christmas 16.12.2009
Flashback: My (quasi) World Cup Moment 04.12.2009
Look Up and Remind Yourself Where You Are 28.11.2009
How to Exchange a Canadian Driver's License for UK License 22.11.2009
The Grand Tourer Hits Madrid 20.11.2009
Hola Salamanca! 18.11.2009
From Portugal to Spain - Notes from the Rails 17.11.2009
Sintra: The Mythical Land of Mist 16.11.2009
Hill goes up, hill goes down - Walking Lisbon 15.11.2009
Gunners v AZ: UEFA Champions League at Emirates Stadium 05.11.2009
Happy Hallowe'en! 31.10.2009
Everybody Take a Day Off and Have a Picnic! 29.10.2009
Flashpacker: a Backpacker with a Hotel Loyalty Card 28.10.2009
A Silver Rabbit and A Faux Turkey 12.10.2009
Strolling Islington 10.10.2009
The Stranger in a Strangely Comfortable-Feeling Land 07.10.2009
The True Benefit of Government Subsidised Culture 04.10.2009
Groovin' Along the Rails to Ascot 01.10.2009
Whatcha Reading? 26.09.2009
Drawing Comfort from the Smoke from the Yakitori Grill 20.09.2009
I can stand under my own umbrella - ella - eh - eh - eh - eh 15.09.2009
What I Have Seen 08.09.2009
The Death of the Pinstripe... 04.09.2009
I’ve Become Boring... and I Love It 28.08.2009
Happy Anniversary, International Fliers! 25.08.2009
A Tale of Two Cities' Weather Forecasts 12.08.2009
If there is a bustle in your Heathrow, don't be alarmed now 05.08.2009
Timmy's, but no Timbits 31.07.2009
I am not a Traveller, I am a Migrant 29.07.2009
I’m Henry the Eighth, I am 27.07.2009
Come On, Gromit! 22.07.2009
How Real Explorers Kit Themselves Out 19.07.2009
Call Me, My Love. You Can Call Me Any Day or Night! 13.07.2009
Are you an everyday work of art? 11.07.2009
“Last Orders, Please!” and the Lock-in 09.07.2009
Canada's National Shame: "Who is that guy?" 07.07.2009
How Many “Countries” Have I “Been” To? 02.07.2009
Red Dragon 30.06.2009
Music and Memory 27.06.2009
The World is My Burger 24.06.2009
Man, is it bright out there! 20.06.2009
You Alright? 18.06.2009
Fun Ways to Explore 16.06.2009
The Train from Ugly to Uglier 10.06.2009
The REAL Battle for European Supremacy (aka Part III) 08.06.2009
A Year of Building A New Life 03.06.2009
The Battle of European Supremacy Part II 29.05.2009
Glamour and Gasoline part IV: The Wrong Train 27.05.2009
Glamour and Gasoline part III: Fast Cars in Rich Places 27.05.2009
Glamour and Gasoline part II: Living in a Dan Brown Novel 27.05.2009
Glamour and Gasonline part I: Nice is nice 27.05.2009
Vengeful Birds, or Why I Duck a Lot 19.05.2009
The Battle of European Supremacy Part I 17.05.2009
Verbally Pants 13.05.2009
It Ain’t No Cat Food and Dish of Milk 30.04.2009
Fields of Green Felt In Sheffield Snooker City 22.04.2009
Hillsborough 1989: They Never Walk Alone 14.04.2009
Two Week of Nothing Interesting To Report 13.04.2009
I died in hell - They called it Passchendaele 10.04.2009
A Young Nation Mourns Her Dead 08.04.2009
The Brooding Soldier in Flanders' Fields 06.04.2009
Steeples rising above green fields and love of roundabouts 03.04.2009
Lille, Coeur of French Flanders 01.04.2009
Ferry Cross the Mersey... And Take Me Along 24.03.2009
The Cavern Club - The Underground Sound 22.03.2009
Lively Life in Liverpool with the Livers and the Scousers 20.03.2009
The industrial past of Sheffield 11.03.2009
Maybe I should have done this all sooner... then again... 07.03.2009
Scarves 04.03.2009
New Chapter: In Which I Single-Handedly Gentrify Kings Cross 28.02.2009
Swallowing Their Words 24.02.2009
I'm not the Stig. Perhaps I am Captain Slow, though... 22.02.2009
Full on Fun at Half Term 19.02.2009
How to Eat Like A Brit... 18.02.2009
Night Bus 16.02.2009
What The Heck Is A Shilling? 14.02.2009
Ecuadorian birds and The Ten Pound Note 11.02.2009
Fear of Tea 10.02.2009
The South Quay Bomb of 1996 08.02.2009
England: Winter Wonderland? 06.02.2009
Superbowl XLIII at American Expat Event in London, England 02.02.2009
My Shirt is Pucked. 01.02.2009
Superbowls Around the World: A Table of Contents 31.01.2009
A Productive Member of Society's First Week 30.01.2009
Sir Hans Sloane's Collection 24.01.2009
A Pint of Lager, A Case of Deja Vu and Two Packets Of Crisps 23.01.2009
Feeling Good on Blue Monday 19.01.2009
Regional Identity and the Need to Travel 13.01.2009
More of a Cloudy Broth Than a Pea Soup 08.01.2009
A Day Tour Of Birmingham 07.01.2009
This Year Will Be Different 01.01.2009
Home for the Holidays... and then home again. 28.12.2008
The End of My Forty Days In the Desert (more or less) 26.12.2008
Will You Still Love Me Once the Copper Is Gone? 22.12.2008
This Ain't The River Thames 21.12.2008
I am not scared of Mexico anymore 14.12.2008
Grand Canyon Vignettes 09.12.2008
Jeers to the Eighteenth; Cheers to the Twenty-First 04.12.2008
Open Roads and the Smell of Gunpowder 02.12.2008
Blue Water, Red Dust and Planet Orange 30.11.2008
My home... or at least one of them. 27.11.2008
Hiking to the Vortex 24.11.2008
Uncertainty Can Be a Guiding Light 20.11.2008
The End of the Recession (at least for me personally) 16.11.2008
Lest We Forget: Remembrance Day at Whitehall, London 11.11.2008
Politicians and Anti-Politicians 09.11.2008
Bond is cool, Hamiliton is fast, Barack is prez 05.11.2008
Europa, quidnam es vos? 01.11.2008
I moved from Canada to get away from this! 29.10.2008
A £ of Flesh (Part 02): Mental Exchange 22.10.2008
Giving Thanks 16.10.2008
The Ruin of Many a Poor Boy 14.10.2008
Spray Painted Crosses: Katrina and New Orleans’ Rebuild 13.10.2008
The Crescent City 11.10.2008
I am the champion, my friend... The Hockey Pool 04.10.2008
I Flew 35,000 Miles And All I Got Was This EKTORP 03.10.2008
White Cliffs Part II: Chalk Dust On My Jeans 22.09.2008
White Cliffs Part I: A Kite On The Breeze 21.09.2008
Am I In The Right Place: The Post-Trip Doubt 16.09.2008
Everybody Hates Public Transit! 15.09.2008
The Mummies of London 11.09.2008
Belgium Speed - Belgium Grand Prix 09.09.2008
In Brugge... Where is Colin Farrell? 07.09.2008
Black Saturday: September 7, 1940 07.09.2008
Brussels Happiness 06.09.2008
The Hairy Handed Gent's Guide to London 02.09.2008
Physical Age, Maturity and Land Rovers 25.08.2008
The Week In Pictures, A Few Words and One Song 19.08.2008
Olympic Fever - 4 Years Out - Get Innocuated Now! 17.08.2008
Sheep And The City 16.08.2008
The City of London - past, present and future 14.08.2008
Sunshine and Rain 14.08.2008
Zero Degrees Thai and Stopping the Floods 10.08.2008
Of Ales, Heirs and AERs 07.08.2008
Underwater at the Greenwich Foot Tunnel 04.08.2008
Something is Buzzing Above the Skies of London 03.08.2008
How to Really Confuse Tourists Driving in London 02.08.2008
Howl for the Dogs! 01.08.2008
Sorry... excuse me... sorry... excuse me... sorry... sorry.. 30.07.2008
Greg Bats and Bowls 27.07.2008
A Mini-Beach Holiday to Brighton 25.07.2008
Battersea Power Station - Tour and Redevelopment Plans 19.07.2008
The Cathedral of Shopping 15.07.2008
Military Might and Skies Alight in Paris 15.07.2008
Half a pint of beer in a pint glass 12.07.2008
Rain is good for Greenfields 08.07.2008
The Elephant and Castle Mystery 04.07.2008
Lullingstone & Greenfields 04.07.2008
Canada Day in London, UK 01.07.2008
Buy DVDs and Save Your Soul on the Streets of London 29.06.2008
Singing the Immigrant Blues 28.06.2008
One Day of the Fortnight 26.06.2008
Would Brent by Any Other Name Still Smell As Sweet? 25.06.2008
A £ of Flesh (Part 01): The Price of Clean 24.06.2008
0 Degrees to O2 and back by H2O 23.06.2008
Rath Yatra Parade, London, England, June 22nd, 2008 22.06.2008
The Long and Winding Road to an Elementary Address 21.06.2008
What First Class Should Mean 20.06.2008
Stonehenge 17.06.2008
SPLINK! is the sound of a Canadian being hit by a car 16.06.2008
Pleasant Thoughts on a Morning Commute 16.06.2008
Checking Out The Neighbourhoods 13.06.2008
Come to London, see New York 09.06.2008
Being a Sport in London 08.06.2008
Paige? Pay-gee? How do you say that word? 08.06.2008
London is not Going to Explode 07.06.2008
Floating on the Surface of London 05.06.2008
Torontonian Tourist in Toronto (Part II) 02.06.2008
Separation Anti-Anxiety 28.05.2008
Whodya cheer for? Picking a footie team... 23.05.2008
Torontonian Tourist in Toronto (Part I) 18.05.2008
Preparation Means Perspiration and a Touch of Frustration 13.05.2008
The Emotional Importance of Geography 27.04.2008
End of the Road, Warrior 22.04.2008
A bad day for planes 10.04.2008
Toronto the White 12.03.2008
Total Eclipse of the Heart... I mean Moon, lunar eclipse 20.02.2008
Hockey Night In Canada (Montreal Specifically) 17.02.2008
Bone Chiller 10.02.2008
Yao Ming is Very Popular 05.02.2008
The City on the Edge of Space 21.01.2008
Reflections on a slow trip to Quebec (that could get faster) 11.01.2008
Quebec City is cold, snowy and 400 years old 06.01.2008
My Favourite Souvenir 28.12.2007
The Candid Photo 19.12.2007
The Sunday Night Before... 17.12.2007
Is my head part not part of my body? 06.12.2007
The Wild Chickens of Tobago, Part II 25.11.2007
The Wild Chickens of Tobago, Part I 25.11.2007
South African Springboks and Their Relationship to Burma 21.10.2007
Austin Stays Weird 24.09.2007
My Left Carbon Foot(print) 18.09.2007
Mr. Bonds and the Long Ball 17.09.2007
Our Labour Day has come and gone 03.09.2007
Dikes of Waterland 20.08.2007
Only suckers drink in bars 16.08.2007
A house united, but some rooms could use some subdivision 12.08.2007
My Holiday snaps from London 09.08.2007
A Canadian Werebear in London 04.08.2007
A sight few others have seen... 15.07.2007
A Reflection on 10 Years on the Road 12.06.2007
All We Are Saying... Is Give Us A Goal! 13.05.2007
All dressed up for my 100th entry! 09.05.2007
Atlanta is burning (me out) 24.04.2007
A Tale from Nowhere 26.03.2007
Goodbye to the Left Coast 22.03.2007
Fine dining, assuming the rotation doesn't make you queasy 08.03.2007
Where’s a Federal Air Marshall When You Need One? 04.03.2007
Seattle? Do I have to wear plaid? 18.02.2007
Mr. Fancy-Pants Holidays in Panama 06.01.2007
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight 19.12.2006
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Atlantic City 26.11.2006
EWR is NOT One of the Seven Wonders of the World. 17.11.2006
An Ode to My Little Green Bag 03.11.2006
There Was No Place at the Inn 24.09.2006
The Tribute In Light 11.09.2006
The Coolest Flight I Never Flew 28.08.2006
The Best Meal Ever 31.07.2006
Japan Trip Report 17.07.2006
The Greatest Robot Ever 17.07.2006
Shinkansen Whirlwind 12.07.2006
On Comfortable Trains and Uncomfortable Baths 08.07.2006
The Slow and Contented: Tokyo Driftin' 06.07.2006
Oh Lord, Stuck in Lodi Again 30.06.2006
Hiking Wild New Jersey 12.06.2006
Road Trippin’ in May and June of 2006 05.06.2006
Disparate and Antagonistic Elements 26.04.2006
A mass of new entries... 11.04.2006
Welcome Road Gladiators! 31.03.2006
Cathy I'm Lost I Said Though I Knew She Was Sleeping 30.03.2006
Superbowl 40 in New York City 05.02.2006
Trip Report - Roatan, Honduras for New Years Eve 03.01.2006
Trans-Mongolian rail report 08.11.2005
Completed My Round the World Loop 07.11.2005
Regaining my lost day 06.11.2005
In the City of Blinding Lights 05.11.2005
See China It's Right There In Front of You 04.11.2005
Destroying the myth of the romance of train travel 01.11.2005
Playing Poker with the Ulaan Baatar police 31.10.2005
Beer is the universal language 30.10.2005
Wild, wild east... 29.10.2005
A 4 day land cruise - life on the Trans-Siberian 28.10.2005
Crossing into Asia - Km 1777 26.10.2005
The Cost Benefit Accounting of Travel 24.10.2005
The hunt for the dining car 23.10.2005
Beer, rain and the appeal of the Irish 22.10.2005
Paris, the livable 19.10.2005
What type of old person will you be? 15.10.2005
Clearing customs wearing a Splinter Cell T-shirt 12.10.2005
Drinks with the big boys! 08.10.2005
Getting around Paris via Public Transit 28.09.2005
The Pantheon - more dead Parisians 25.09.2005
If God ran a hostel... 17.09.2005
To sitting in a cafe sipping on ice cold beer 11.09.2005
A city that's hard to leave... 31.08.2005
The new world after September 2001 25.08.2005
Watching the all-star game in the ex-land of the Expos 12.07.2005
Man Eats San Francisco (for next to nothing) 28.04.2005
Paris, France, 09.04.2005
Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa 10.02.2005
Tanzania - 5 day safari 10.02.2005
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - Rongai Route up Mount Kilimanjaro 10.02.2005
What XXX Means in Amsterdam 09.02.2005
Paradise Lost 08.02.2005
The Mercury is Rising 07.02.2005
Superbowl 39 in Tanzania 06.02.2005
Greg's Useful Swahili Phrasebook 05.02.2005
Zebras are Blocking My Picture 04.02.2005
The Perfect Picture 03.02.2005
Serengeti with Manyara Sauce 31.01.2005
The ABCs of booking a safari 30.01.2005
I’ll be coming down the mountain when I come… 26.01.2005
Day One on the Mountain 23.01.2005
Faded glory in the shadow of the mountain 22.01.2005
Kilimanjaro Rises like Olympus above the Serengeti 20.01.2005
Meeting America’s Medical System 18.01.2005
Music Midtown Festival 01.05.2004
Las In Translation: Las Vegas on No Sleep 16.03.2004
My life as a consultant 27.02.2004
Costa Rica, January 30, 2004 through February 14, 2004 14.02.2004
Costa Rica 04.02.2004
Superbowl 38 at Nashville South 02.02.2004
90210 or 1950 – Beverly Hills, California 13.08.2003
South America 2003: Arica and Santiago (redux) 27.02.2003
South America 2003: La Paz, Bolivia 16.02.2003
South America 2003: Buenos Aires 08.02.2003
South America 2003: Punta Arenas, redux 01.02.2003
South America 2003: Patagonia 01.02.2003
Superbowl 37 at my hotel in Pto. Montt 26.01.2003
South America 2003: Santiago, Puerto Varas and Bariloche 24.01.2003
Heavenly Thanksgiving And Noticing I Am Fat 29.11.2002
Becoming Californian 25.11.2002
Climbing Mount Diablo, and planting a seed 14.10.2002
Crying In My Budweiser – The Blues of St. Louis 03.09.2002
Staggering Through Hemingway’s Footsteps in Havana 18.03.2002
Standing With One Foot In the West… 16.03.2002
Superbowl 36 at Shoeless Joes 04.02.2002
38 year old grandmother strippers and American Born NHLers 09.06.2001
Rocky Mountain High 23.03.2001
Superbowl 35 at the Sports Column 29.01.2001
Anarchy in the U.S.A., it’s coming some day, maybe… 16.11.2000
I Don't Care If I Never Get Back 20.07.1997